In past years NeNa has always been that conference where young scientists go to have a good time, all the while engaging in the usual scientific activities, such as presenting posters, giving talks and attending workshops. People attend NeNa because it’s a fun time, especially considering the relaxed social environment. It certainly is not like your ordinary conference.

This year NeNa will take place in late-September, just at the beginning of fall. Naturally, we hope for crisp, sunny weather and an energetic scientific atmosphere. The NeNa conference team is pleased to announce this year’s keynote speaker, Dr. Prof. Robert Desimone. Dr. Desimone is a professor at Massachutts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Brain and Cognitive Science. He currently serves as the director of McGovern Institute of Brain Research at MIT. Previously, Dr. Desimone was the head of intramural research at the National Institute of Mental Health.

In July, the registration portal will open, officially seeking attendees for NeNa 2016. Like last year, the conference will be held in the Black Forest of Southern Germany. In general our target audience has been doctoral students; however, all junior scientists are encouraged to sign-up. The NeNa conference has supported student attendance by providing travel grants to attendees coming from across Europe. It is recommended that those who are seriously interested in NeNa also apply for a travel grant. This can be easily done via the standard registration portal.

The program for NeNa not only includes the interesting keynote lecture but also stimulating poster and oral presentations and workshops. Of course, the conference organizers are also interested in hearing your input about specific ideas for workshops and guest lectures. Therefore, we would ask once again that those who participated last year take a moment to fill out our feedback survey. For those that did not participate last year, there will be space available to give suggestions on the registration form. We look forward to seeing you at NeNa 2016!!!






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